January 5th 2020

BYTON Welcomes Partners to Co-Create A World Beyond Driving

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At BYTON, we believe that mobility is not just about going from point A to point B, but is also about enjoying the journey, staying productive, and having fun with friends and family on the go. As innovators of tomorrow’s mobility, we designed our cars through collaboration and co-creation with our users who share our vision for building a Platform for Life. At CES 2020, ‘BYTON Developer Program’ is launched as a private beta for partners and developers who share our passion in realizing our vision to build this Platform for Life.

Simplicity is the cornerstone of our UX design at BYTON. By keeping our users at the center of everything we do, we create the most intuitive user experiences and lay the foundation for modern mobility. We know it is not easy to build simple, safe, and distraction-free user experiences for cars, so we’ve been hard at work for the last couple of years. With our 48” BYTON Stage Display, we provide information just at-a-glance for the content you need on the go. Our Driver Tablet and Co-Driver Tablet provide easy to use touch gestures and controls, allowing you to spend far less time looking for content and keep your focus on the road.

As part of the BYTON Developer Program, we are sharing the results of our hard work so that our partners and developers can focus on bringing amazing experiences to BYTON cars quickly. If you are as inspired as us on redefining mobility experiences and have a key technology, compelling use case, or are just looking to collaborate with us, then we would like to work with you! We are developing apps and services focused around entertainment, health, productivity, eCommerce, and connected car use cases that seamlessly merge both mobile and automotive worlds. To support your exploration and development, we are releasing UX Design documentation, app development guidelines, and more for partners and developers.

Join us, co-create, and pave the way towards future mobility and autonomy. We are thrilled about this opportunity to collaborate with you in creating a world beyond driving!