BYTON and ACCESS partner to bring new media experiences and video streaming to your car

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As the inventors of tomorrow’s mobility platform, at BYTON, we believe in media experiences that are safe, intuitive, and inviting to everyone in the car. We put our customers and users at the center of everything we build at BYTON, and media experiences are no exception. Since we build BYTON M-Byte as our Platform for Life, we are designing media experiences not just for today, but laying the foundation for mobility and autonomy for the next decade. As we envision a world beyond driving, with rotating front seats in our M-Byte, passengers in the rear seat can also enjoy rich media experiences on the BYTON Stage Display, along with their own personal rear screen entertainment systems.

"We embarked on creating our digital platform to be both scalable and flexible. We always look to working with partners who share our similar vision and are willing to go the extra mile to incorporate our unique implementation. We are glad that we are able to work with ACCESS as a development partner to provide our customers the experience that fits into our product offering," said Jeff Chung, VP - Digital Engineering at BYTON

At CES 2020, we are pleased to announce our partnership with ACCESS, a global provider of advanced software technologies for mobile, IOT, and automotive markets for over 20 years. As part of its connected car strategy, ACCESS has been powering media solutions and enabling seamless, secure, and immersive media experiences inside the car through their TWINE4Car.

"EV manufacturers like BYTON are a prime example of how disruptive innovation is transforming the market, which fits perfectly into our vision for an immersive, multimedia future inside the car,” said Kiyo Oishi, President & CEO of ACCESS. 

“I am looking forward to showing how we can bridge the gap between the next generation automotive industry and media producers at the CES Show. The content and automotive companies that will make a success of in-car media will be those that work together to ensure that IVI delivers the experiences that drivers and passengers enjoy and need. It is an honor to join BYTON and Viacom to provide insight into the synergies between all of us,”  said Dr. Neale Foster, CEO at ACCESS Europe.

“With its media expertise, client and cloud technologies, and global reach, ACCESS helps us build media experiences quickly. In our goal to build a platform for life, they are a great partner to have as we enable audio, video, and interactive services for BYTON customers,” said Neil Banerjee, Head of Digital Product and Program Management at BYTON. 

As we envision a world beyond driving, we look forward to building novel audio, video, and interactive experiences that are seamless, timely, and personalized. As part of the BYTON Developer Program, we believe in a collaborative approach to building apps and services and look forward to sharing more details on media experiences as we launch M-Byte globally.