BYTON and AccuWeather partner

to combine weather data  with route navigation

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At BYTON, we envision a world beyond driving, where mobility – in all its dynamic environments and rich experiences – are brought to perfection through a safe, intuitive, and inviting medium: Your “Platform for Life.”

"Life doesn’t stop between destinations, so neither should your car. We have designed your BYTON to incorporate a multi-faceted digital ecosystem that brings together the things that matter to you most, both in and out of the car, to keep you moving with the highest premium experience. There are few external facets that matter more to drivers than weather." said Jeff Chung, VP-Digital Engineering at BYTON.

"Every year in the United States, there are approximately 6,000 deaths and 445,000 injuries caused by weather related events while driving," remarks Steven R. Smith, President at AccuWeatherAt CES 2020, BYTON is pleased to announce the partnership with AccuWeather, the proven leader in worldwide weather forecasting accuracy, to increase safety on the road.

AccuWeather brings to BYTON cutting-edge hyper local forecasting technology that can alert drivers of the start and stop times, and severity, of precipitation events and other potential safety and comfort hazards such as Glare, Wind, Fog, and Air Quality. As part of our connected car strategy, your BYTON, powered by AccuWeather, will not only report the weather conditions on-demand in a rich, visual user experience on the 48-inch BYTON Stage, but intuitively inform you of upcoming changes in weather to your destination to better prepare you for what life throws your way.

“We’re not just building a car. We’re re-inventing mobility, which is about people and all things that move people. One of the greatest affects on mobility is knowing the weather you will be driving your M-Byte in. Together with AccuWeather, we will bridge that gap, and provide you with the most effective, intuitive, and safe vehicle for you to navigate through life’s ‘calms’ and ‘storms,’” said Neil Banerjee, Head of Digital Product and Program Management at BYTON.

“Saving lives and protecting property is part of our Mission Statement at AccuWeather, and the primary reason why AccuWeather has invested in the global Connected Car industry.  By partnering with BYTON, AccuWeather can give drivers increased situational awareness, with minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts along their route, to surface weather notifications, only when they matter, giving drivers peace of mind when inclement weather impacts their journey,” said Steven R. Smith, President at AccuWeather.

AccuWeather is just one of a fast-growing list of partners of our BYTON Developer Program. As we pursue a world beyond driving, we are excited to orchestrate this innovative environment that seamlessly brings together all of life’s encounters into your “Platform for Life.”