AIQUDO and BYTON Partner to enable actions for your phone and car

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Your smartphone is the one thing you take with you everywhere. It enables you to catch up on current events, communicate with friends and family, socialize on networks, hold important notes, make payments, and much more.

"The Aiqudo and BYTON partnership is poised to enable a premium brand experience and become the revolutionary leading solution for mobility", said Jeff Chung, VP - Digital Engineering at BYTON.

Aiqudo’s Voice to Actions® platform leverages the ubiquity of your smartphone by allowing your voice commands in the vehicle to seamlessly perform useful actions on the console or your smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the use of simple, natural language commands, you can interact with your favorite apps on your smartphone while it's hidden away from view, allowing you to focus on driving. Aiqudo's technology integrated into the BYTON Stage focuses on simplicity for the most intuitive user experience. 

“BYTON’s vision of the car as an appliance on wheels, future-proofed for autonomous driving, with an expansive canvas for rich media consumption, will accelerate the need that users have to access their personal digital lives everywhere," said Dr. Rajat Mukherjee, Aiqudo co-founder and CTO. "The integration of the Aiqudo platform within BYTON's automobiles makes this easy, enabling rich hybrid experiences powered by voice and touch!"

You can simply ask your car to do something for you in your favorite mobile apps without having to pick up your phone and locate buttons, tap, or type. For example, you can quickly dictate a note to a friend and send it as a text message for a safe way to multi-task and maximize your productivity while driving. Aiqudo's Q Actions® intent engine automatically figures out which app you mean to call up with your preferred action, so you can focus on getting things done, such as checking your flight status, browsing your daily task list, or finding the nearest charging station. To further enhance the experience, the Aiqudo solution supports BYTON's rich graphical user interface for visual information and touch interaction.

The Aiqudo solution is already globally deployed with support for multiple languages and interaction with thousands of apps, including the most popular ones.