CloudCar brings connected car services to BYTON 

for personalized infotainment and enhanced mobility experience

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CloudCar aims to redefine the in-vehicle user experience by supporting a voice-first, natural-language interface that is ideal for drivers. The CloudCar platform’s on-board and cloud-based infrastructure simplifies the driver’s experience across multiple domains including media, POIs, productivity and smart home. By providing global access to unified, cloud-based infotainment services right in your BYTON, the CloudCar platform makes life easier on the road. CloudCar and its expanding content partners will enable in-vehicle personalized mobility experiences, providing the best infotainment possible.

"With CloudCar, the driver’s most commonly used content and services are integrated directly into the vehicle, enabling BYTON ID to continue to personalize towards the driver’s behavior, and optimize the responses and interactivity with the driver’s preferences", said Jeff Chung, VP-Digital Engineering at BYTON.

The 48-inch BYTON Stage supports user interaction options through voice, touch, facial, and gesture recognition. This platform is a meaningful solution that will enable truly unique experiences for both driver and passengers as they interact with the endless range of content that is available in the vehicle through intelligent, cloud-connected services.

Philipp Popov, CEO of CloudCar, Inc., says, "CloudCar is proud to be selected as a key enabling technology partner for the new BYTON digital platform. Combining BYTON’s unique interaction capabilities with our production-proven infotainment platform will simplify access to compelling content from numerous providers, across multiple content domains, to greatly enhance the overall mobility experience for drivers and their passengers. We are excited for the incredible customer experiences that this combination of technologies will create.”

With its flexible and robust service integration platform, CloudCar empowers BYTON to showcase its unique Stage Display while being powered by technology compatible with a wide-range of software and hardware configurations.

"The BYTON Developer Program tools provide the foundation to integrate CloudCar's technology and content partners into BYTON's unique hardware and software configuration. This will offer a mobility platform fueled by superior data capability, bringing an intuitive environment and rich experiences to the driver," said Wilson Li, Head of Software, Digital Engineering at BYTON.

The result is a seamless, intuitive, and enhanced driver experience with connected on-board infotainment, bringing you a step closer to the future of total autonomy.