Plan your road trip on the go with Road.Travel in the BYTON

for a location-senstitive itinerary.

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A road trip beckons with hidden gems to explore, famous eats to tantalize the palate, and comfortable accommodations at the end of a long day exploring. Traveling is a popular pastime for many, but it often takes some amount of research and planning to customize the ideal itinerary. Road.Travel offers a solution for easy online trip booking to worldwide destinations with on-demand support to make every leg of the journey an enjoyable and stress-free experience. It’s like having a tour guide, concierge, and travel expert with you the entire way, allowing you to enjoy a world beyond driving.

Quickly customize your travel experience according to your budget, similar to the simplicity of a personalized vacation package. It’s an ideal solution to enjoy the trip at your own pace and not have to deal with last-minute bookings and research along the way. You can also add to your Travel Profile to commemorate your favorite experiences, create the perfect trip playlist, and save the cars that you have driven. 

Partnered with BYTON, Road.Travel offers a trip-planning platform that integrates with the in-car infotainment system," said Jeff Chung, VP-Digital Engineering at BYTON. "As you approach a landmark, scenic view, or place of interest along the trip, Road.Travel can alert you with fun facts on the BYTON Stage and present you with ways to learn more, thereby enriching your travel experience."

You can also be notified of nearby eateries worth visiting around the time when you'd likely stop for meals, and Road.Travel can even help you book a table before arrival to guarantee that you'll enjoy your dining experience before continuing your journey. By automating the travel experience and utilizing the real estate of the BYTON Stage, user interaction is backed by safety, a solution that will be able to significantly enhance both the driver and passenger experience in order to build and shape the connected future of travels.

Nikita Dedik, Founder and CEO of Road.Travel, remarks, "We are pleased to share our vision of trip planning for the era of connected, electric, and autonomous cars with BYTON’s team of product strategists. What we also share is the startup culture in our work and the mindset, which is a very solid ground for a synergistic collaboration."

The BYTON Stage presents an unbeatable screen real estate with various interaction methods and a hands-on support for the community of developers. "This partnership presents a nearly seamless solution to view your unique itinerary and pre-planned route as soon as you enter the vehicle and are ready to begin your road adventure, turning driving into living," said Jack Cong, Head of Digital Product UX/UI Design at BYTON.

Your journey can be a personal experience, but Road.Travel also lets you interact with a global community of like-minded travelers who can follow your path and benefit from your advice. Road.Travel in your BYTON allows you the ability to be inviting, accessible, open, and collaborative with the world outside your car. Build a network of famous and most-frequented routes, but also make recommendations for some of the roads less-traveled.