XPERI brings digital HD Radio to the BYTON

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In the last twenty years, radio has come a long way from the early days of AM and FM analog broadcasting to today’s digital HD Radio services. XPERI is dedicated to creating innovative technology solutions that enable extraordinary experiences for people around the world. Using digital audio broadcasting technology, HD Radio by XPERI , radio stations are now able to offer crystal-clear digital audio, multiple channels of programming per station, and rich text and image metadata to the BYTON for an enriched user experience. Today, HD Radio is widely supported in the USA with more than 2,300 individual stations, offering over 4,000 digital audio services.  Since the early 2000’s HD Radio has been the approved US standard for digital audio broadcast.

XPERI's solutions have shipped in billions of products in areas including premium audio, broadcast, and automotive. DTS Connected Radio builds upon the advances of HD Radio and adds a layer of services and capabilities to digital broadcast radio via an IP connection. The DTS Connected Radio API delivers metadata about broadcasts all over the world. It enables OEMs to implement a single radio application and deploy it worldwide. In partnership with XPERI, your BYTON can receive rich-station and now-playing metadata to aid in program discovery and content engagement.  You’ll be able to easily identify what is being played, in real time, for all radio stations in your coverage area. 

BYTON has bridged the gap between the deep and rich ecosystem of "off-the-shelf" Android apps and the full potential of modern in-cabin User Experience. BYTON's unique and compelling hardware provides the tools that enable developers like XPERI to deploy and maintain the DTS Connected Radio implementation economically.  

Bob Dillon, Senior Vice President of DTS Connected Radio at XPERI Corporation, remarks, "The combination of BYTON’s game-changing cockpit, the familiarity and richness of Android, and tools that marry the two are unique. The DTS Connected Radio product is a game-changing automotive radio experience, and we look forward to applying it to this unique infotainment system and tools."

If you drive out of the traditional broadcast coverage area of any radio station, you’ll be able to continue to listen to the programming via an automatic switch to the IP audio stream of that station. By using DTS Connected Radio, your BYTON can get even more rich information from the radio station, including station artwork and slogan, album artwork and artist images, song titles, concert information, social media feeds, and more.

"The BYTON M-Byte is a smooth, sharp, and sophisticated vehicle, and we think that your radio-listening experience should be, too," said Korkut Alacam, Head of Hardware, Digital Engineering at BYTON. "With the incorporation of XPERI audio technology and visuals that are showcased on the 48-inch BYTON Stage, you can quickly identify songs and artists. You can even cycle through stations and control the radio volume while driving with intuitive gestures that are picked up by the cameras in the BYTON's cabin."

Turn miles into smiles when you tune in to your favorite hits with XPERI radio in your BYTON.